My Valentine's Day

Saturday, January 16, 2010

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

If I were given a chance to date one of the star in Valentine's Day movie, I secretly drool over Bradley Cooper *he wins my heart hands down*..I am so head over heels for Bradley Cooper.

what can I say more??he's dreamy for crying out loud. cute face, have a perfect-smile-that-makes-my-heart-melts, the eye *needless to say more bout the eyes*, and also when I saw him in any movies, I just fell in love with his character..he knows how to charm a girl all the way through his character..

and I suppose, if Bradley Cooper ever ask me out for a date, I want to spend the whole Valentine's Day in a theme park. ahahaha..I know..Childish...but it is where I can really spend my time and share all the fun and do crazy stuffs together..

I would love if Bradley Cooper give me a bunch of *not flowers* but chocolates..

Okay..enough said already about Bradley Cooper..I hope I will stand a chance of winning this..If I won, I would like my bubbly sweetheart to come along..*and see me drool head over heels for Bradley Cooper*

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