Kisah Wiggly Things

Sunday, January 3, 2010

see these little evil creatures up here?dorang dah berjaya membuatku pening kepala.muahaha...
I was cramping up myself to sit depan laptop and books for hours and now while I'm at it, every info yang di gain dh all mixed up.

I just want 2 cry.. it's not their fault by the way. it is all my fault. I'm suppose to be a good student. I'm suppose to know how to digest all the information correctly. and I am a good student. I want to be a good student and all. I have to prove myself. I have aims to catch up. I have dreams to come true. and *I have love deep inside me*..

that's all for 2day. maybe next time I can share with you guys tips and rules on how to digest info.

XOXO and heap of love!!

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