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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


good morning..woke up not so early today. teruskan membaca jurnal sbb next week I'll be meeting up my supervisor for some heads up. well..well..he told me that if I get the flow and ideas then he'll be setting me off for the lab. can't wait to dirty up my hands in lab. I miss those perfect days of PSM.

I remember those, Ina and abg shuk was pretty close that day. Me and ina remain close until today. *gonna receive chocs from her tomorrow*. and I can still remember when ina and I went to the lab at night and me got scared and when I have to use the toilet, I will definitely dragged Ina with me and she have to talk to me while I am doing my little business just to make sure she didn't leave me..*penakut*..

And Ina, I still remembered those days when kita beli pizza domino and it was already cold and you said it was no fun at all eating cold pizza and u used the oven inside the lab where u secretly increased the temperature a little bit..that time we didn't even think about any consequences of doing that and all the lab apparatus inside the oven smells like pizza. *nasty*..later on we secretly and quietly agreed not to use the apparatus inside the oven cause it may effect our result.*jahat seh..orang lain guna takpe*..

oh_oh..and I remember the lipas terbang scene where I still got the whole picture of u and fizah bravely stepped forward with penyapu trying hard to kill the lipas terbang.. but when the lipas starts to terbang, u guys yelled like nobody bussiness..*LOL*..

what a scene..I love you guys so much and I pray we remain friends as long as we can live.


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