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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Pagi..

I don't know but maybe some of you readers might happen to be one of the students of SMK Convent Sitiawan. Puan Loo, cikgu Geografi, disahkan cancer stage 4. Mrs Loo happens to be my best friend's mom. I was shocked bila Otam bagitau ambo hari tu. Jamie Loo Liming was my partner in crime back in those happy school days. we're like bonnie and clyde, tom and jerry. gaduh tu biasa and bila berkawan tu sangat la rapat. 

Around 2 p.m, Angah bawak ambo naik ke tingkat 10. ke wad 10D di mana Mrs Loo terlantar. ambo ketuk pintu and masuk. Mr Loo then asked me "who are you"..then ambo jawab ambo ni student Mrs Loo and kawan Jamie. then Mr Loo let me in and instantly I saw Mrs Loo. God..I was crying inside. she's very different. and my eyes caught Jamie. I was like "Omaigod...I miss you"..ambo peluk Jamie for quite a while.

Kronologi Mrs Loo before she was bedridden. (sumber: Mr Loo and Jamie)
  • she was ok and strong before she was diagnosed with cancer
  • Jamie told me Mrs Loo started losing weight about a year ago but they just assume she was on diet and maybe the aging factor might affected her appetite.
  • Mrs Loo didn't realized she is fighting with cancer all these years because she didn't feel any pain.
  • but 2 weeks ago, she started to have stomachache but she just assumed it was 'angin'
  • Mrs Loo still teaching in SMK Convent Sitiawan 2 weeks ago before she was warded.
  • friends and family started to perasan mata Mrs Loo kuning.
  • then Mr Loo bawak Mrs Loo for check up at Pantai Ipoh.
  • Doctors confirmed cancer have affected her liver, pundi hempedu and those organs around those cluster.
  • being warded at Pantai Ipoh for a week then Mr Loo and family buat keputusan untuk refer ke Hospital Selayang (Hospital Selayang ada pakar ramai..sebab tu my mom and dad sangat suka check up kat Selayang rather than going for treatment kat Melaka)
  • and Isnin bila ambo datang jumpa, Mr Loo told me that Mrs Loo kena bernafas melalui bantuan pernafasan sebab her lung ada cecair so its very difficult for her to breath on her own. 
  • Jamie told me masa warded di Pantai Ipoh her heartbeat was 190..that is why doctors nasihatkan Mrs Loo untuk banyakkan tidur..
Jamie, I hope kamu strong ok..kita tau kamu strong. don't worry..Miracles can happen.

SMK Convent Sitiawan, please spread the words. 


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