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Friday, December 18, 2009


I wasn't expecting this but somehow it came. I really hope for my friend's happiness. love, u will find someone in the future. don't be so heartbroken cause your heart is not meant to be broken. I will always have your back dear.

I just can't explain how time flew so damn fast. Happy New Year to all muslims. For this New year off course hoping for the best in my future undertaking. I came with one resolution for this new year. to succeed.

I was preparing myself for this 21st December. Can't really hide this feeling inside. I've packed all my things quite a few weeks ago. that really explain how excited I was the day I found out I've been selected. I know some of you out there who pray for my failure. One thing I really wanted to say to you guys out there "Never Gonna Happen". All this while I've been keeping my mouth shut doesn't mean that I am afraid.

As for membangkitkan diri dari kesilapan lama, I was regretting all those stupid things that happen.

so that is al I really2 wanted to say.

leaving it inside my head really tense me out..


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