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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps..

After a long pause from updating this blog, now I datang untuk updatekan blog. Been busy especially after pindah bilik for short semester ni. 

My weight mencanak-canak sejak awal last year. And to my concern, health status pun started to terjejas due to overweight and obesiti. So what kalau I dedah my weight. It's not a biggy for me at least. Some of my friends start to tegur kegemukan diri and even my ex dulu bising pasal kegemukan diri. Well, at that time I was thinking like what the heck. Someone loves me so be it. Sekarang, since many problems arise due to my weight, I started to diet and exercise.

After a month of evening walks and eating properly, the result overwhelmed me. 5 kgs out from my system..Ahaha..I am planning to continue such routine untuk dapatkan berat badan yang ideal. now my weight is 85 kgs so I am hoping for a few more kilos to be deducted from my body until I reach 55kg-60kg. 

When the hard works paid off, I might as well show you guys the before and after picture but without any help from ubat diet of some sort like that. I don't really trust products that help you lose weight but I believe in hard work. 

My weight started to hilang sedikit demi sedikit bila keterujaan untuk makan semakin hari semakin kurang. Anything yang masuk tekak semua rasa tak sedap. So I pun mula makan all kind of sayur and fruits and even Jacob's Hi Iron instead of taking nasi as my sumber energy. Mungkin hilang selera sebab kerja makin bertimbun and masalah makin banyak. ahaha..statement tak boleh blah..

Anyway.....all those kurang makan, evening walks, naik turun tangga 4 tingkat sebab duduk tingkat 4 at least tunjukkan hasil yang memberangsangkan. 5 kgs in a month really makes me damn happy. I am so looking forward to reduce more and more of those flabby kgs. 5kgs down another 30kgs to go. 


Ok..take care peeps.

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